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NEWS Lets Talk about 6Le Designs and Diesel Brothers : Garage Talk

Published on 05 Feb 2019 / In How-to & Style

Wrenched Out Garage

Welcome to Garage Talk, this week we cover 6Le Designs and Diesel Brothers news.

Lets star with 6Le Designs these guys have been pretty open about some recent business changes which include changing vendors and collaborating with Magg Performance and Phastek Performance for selling there products exclusively. Which means 6Le Designs is no longer selling there products direct to consumers. We are excited for 6Le Designs as they are focused on there products and continuing to build there business.

Diesel Brothers, so first off if you haven't seen the Discovery Channel show your missing out on a great show and some EPIC truck builds. Diesel Brothers Aka Sparks Motors Aka Diesel Sellers.com the team there are all great Characters which also makes the show so great. We Follow the whole team on Instagram and while checking the good old IG feed I happened on a conversation between a guy and Heavy d. Watch the video as I explain, also check out the new program and giveaway to help others they are doing, VERY IMPORTANT!

6Le Designs

Magg performance

Phastek Performance

Diesel Brothers
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Discovery Channel Site

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